Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Okay I Admit, I'm a Craft Junkie

I'm a self-confessed craft junkie. And the Internet is part to blame. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to focus and master a particular craft simply because there's a lot of information available on the Internet. There is a vast array of crafts that I want to try for both personal and business purpose. Free tutorials as well as those for sale have occupied my computer and my browser bookmarks... I have even accumulated so much supplies that I now need a dedicated room for my crafts!

Speaking of craft supplies, here's another batch of super cute stuff that I had just claimed at the post office. I ordered them from Etsy. Not sure yet what to do with them, heehee... I just love seeing and touching them. If only my creative juices had started kicking in a lot sooner and my lazy bones didn't give in to temptation... I probably wouldn't be here blogging about how obsessed I am with crafts.

How do you know which craft is for you? Please do let me know if you encountered some kind of a test. I'm getting kinda overwhelmed... :S

Lots of love,

P.S. Hope I'm not alone with this "sickness"

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